A new Circular Yacht Economy

The technology behind our project aims to solve one of the biggest problems of the nautical sector – the abandoned fiberglass boats at the end of their lives lying around on construction sites, in ports or in the countryside. The concept is to give life to a brand-new circular economy in this sector.

Thanks to natural fibers and eco-sustainable resins, our aim is to revolutionize the nautical pleasure sector with technological innovations, reuse of raw materials and reduction of waste.

Sustainable Technology

“We decide to replace the composite materials commonly used for yacht building, in favour of new eco-sustainable technologies. In place of glass fibers, that aren’t reusable or recyclable once in the resin, we decided to use bio-based fibers to reduce our carbon footprint. Furthermore, in order to obtain a recyclable composite we tested a new resin that allows to separate itself from the fibers and reuse the polymer with normal industrial processes.”

Andrea Paduano, PhD Sustainable Materials