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Basaltex Partnership

We are proud to share our new partnership with Basaltex !

Basalt fibers are extruded from 100% basalt volcanic rocks. They are natural, ecological, sustainable and circular, with a specific mineral composition that gives them their unique properties.

BASALTEX, a flemish SME with roots in technical textiles,  developed a full range of basalt woven and multi-axial fabrics suitable for resin infusion processing with a variety of (ecological) resins like polyester, vinylester, epoxy, acrylic (Elium).

Composites made with basalt fabrics offer excellent strength and stiffness properties, combined with unique impact and vibration damping.

PURmate partnership

We are proud to announce our new partnership with PURmate to switch from traditional solvents to new greener solutions.
PURmate, founded in 2010, aim to proposing ecological solutions for polyurethane, resin and plastic industry, through the marketing of products with low environmental impact.