Ocean Talks 2024

Presenting our rComposite® solution for superyachts at Ocean Talks 2024 in London was an incredible networking opportunity.

A special thanks to BOAT International Media for selecting us as one of the exhibitors. We are excited about the potential collaborations and innovations that lie ahead!

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Vertical Wind Blades

We are working together with Windcity to develop a recyclable vertical wind blade.

Grand Soleil Blue

Grand Soleil Blue is engineered and manufactured using our rComposite® technology.


World Sailing Sustainability Award

ecoracer 30 has been selected as one of the four finalists for the World Sailing Federation's Sustainability Award.



Northern Light Composites (nlcomp®) starts a research project together with Group Beneteau Italia funded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.



Aims of the project and expected results
The end-of-life management of boats, due to the problems associated with the disposal of GRP, still has no solution and sees huge quantities of material abandoned in ports, on coastlines and at the bottom of the sea. Faced with this problem, which is global and increasingly important in terms of environmental sustainability, the CORINNA project aims to develop an alternative solution to the traditional composite materials currently used in the nautical sector. The project includes the research and characterisation of new materials for the design of artefacts made of innovative materials, the industrialisation of the production process, and the creation and testing of prototypes with the validation of the results obtained in comparison with traditional technology, also from the point of view of environmental sustainability, through a Life Cycle Assessment study.

LEAD PARTNER: Groupe Beneteau Italia, Northern Light Srl
PROJECT DURATION: 18 months- Start 3 August 2023
BUDGET: 512,110.00 €
AMOUNT FINANCED: 183,416.75 €