Ocean Talks 2024

Presenting our rComposite® solution for superyachts at Ocean Talks 2024 in London was an incredible networking opportunity.

A special thanks to BOAT International Media for selecting us as one of the exhibitors. We are excited about the potential collaborations and innovations that lie ahead!

ph Boat International Media

Generali @ Salone Nautico Venezia

nlcomp was invited by Generali to attend one of the events at the Venice Boat Show.

Vertical Wind Blades

We are working together with Windcity to develop a recyclable vertical wind blade.

RECARBON x nlcomp

RECARBON and NL Comp Join Forces for Sustainable Marine Solutions

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between RECARBON and NLComp, aimed at pioneering sustainable solutions in the realm of marine engineering. Both entities are set to embark on a continuous partnership focusing on the development of innovative solutions for sustainable boating.

Through this collaboration, RECARBON and NL Comp are poised to revolutionize the landscape of sustainable marine engineering. By combining their expertise and resources, they intend to lead the industry toward a greener and more efficient future by integrating NLComp boats with RECARBON’s recycled carbon fiber products, such as RECOMB. These panels not only improve product performance by offering lightweight and rigid solutions, but also demonstrate sustainability through the reuse of waste materials. NLComp has already successfully tested RECARBON products on its first 30-foot sail – ECORACER 30 – and for a Dock Box, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices.

RECARBON and NL Comp are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions for sustainable boating practices. This involves the integration of RECARBON’s products into NLComp’s marine technologies, with a focus on enhancing the sustainability quotient of marine vessels.

The collaboration will also extend to the advancement of assembly systems for superstructures and structural components. Leveraging RECARBON’s RECOMB sandwich panels and REPLATE thermoplastic organosheet, both based on recycled carbon fiber, the partnership aims also to redefine assembly processes.

Furthermore, RECARBON products will be prominently featured in the NLComp sustainable materials e-shop, set to launch online in March. This collaboration underscores our joint dedication to making a tangible positive impact on both the environment and the marine industry.

Together, we are forging a path towards a more sustainable future for marine products and beyond.

Grand Soleil Blue

Grand Soleil Blue is engineered and manufactured using our rComposite® technology.