“The important and valuable objective of using eco-friendly materials adds one more challenge to the design of a racing yacht which does not only need to sail but it is also required to perform well and win races. The design process has required even more connection between the various design departments in order to create a shape that allows and helps this kind of construction without drawbacks on the performance side. The characteristic shape exploits the use of chines to reduce the structural elements and therefore secondary bonding which is a complex matter when using these materials. In the fore part of the hull, the chine acts also as a spray rail which prevents deep nose diving while allowing fine entries.”

Matteo Polli, ORC Worlds Winner 2015-2016 (IY9.98), 2019 (IY11.98), 2021 (GS44P)

Technical Specifications

Length mt 7.69 (25 feet)
Beam Max mt 2.80
Depth mt 1.80
Displacement kg 1.100
Upwind sail area m² 42
Downwind sail area m² 100
ORC rating 615 (preliminary)
Yacht Design Matteo Polli YD
Structural Enginnering Alessandro Pera, Mattia Sconocchia

Italian ORC Sportboat Champion 2022

Eur 5.000,00 advance payment. Fully refundable.

rComposite technology


Matteo Polli

Yacht Designer

Alessandro Pera

Structural Engineering, Rendering

Mattia Sconocchia

Structural Engineering

Roberto Baraccani

Composite Engineer

Alessandro Stagni

Composite manufacturing engineer

Roberto Spata

Boat Optimization & OD Project

Samuele Nicolettis

Sail Designer

Salone Nautico @ Matteo Polli

Genoa Boat Show

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