The mission of E-44 is to prove that competition yachts can be produced and used in an environmentally friendly way so that we would not deplete natural resources meant for future generations, but can produce all the energy we need from renewable sources and that the materials used in yacht construction are not only the best possible for that purpose, but also environmentally friendly.

The first 44 ft racer is named Clean Energy. The core of Clean Energy Sailing Team is Mati Sepp’s Match Race team that has constantly ranked among top ten in Match Race global rankings in the recent years, reaching as high as 3rd overall. 

Matteo Polli, ORC Worlds Winner 2015-2016 (IY9.98), 2019 (IY11.98), 2021 (GS44P)

Technical Specifications

Length mt 13.40
Beam Max mt 4.27
Depth mt 2.37
Displacement kg 8.000
Yacht Design Matteo Polli YD
Engine Electric
Generator Hydrogen
Clean Energy Project

ORC Worlds 2021

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Mati Sepp

Project Manager

Matteo Polli

Yacht Designer

rComposite technology