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the first sustainable alternative to glass-fiber reinforced plastic

We hate fiberglass. Did you know that in 2011 about 75,000 fiberglass vessels were no longer in circulation in the World, and 54% of these were abandoned, with a presence of about 53,460 tons of waste fiberglass? It is our mission to stop this. At #nlcomp, our goal is to create a new circular economy for yachting industry.  

Fiberglass abandoned yachts

Fiberglass is made from glass fibers in fabrics and thermosetting liquid resin which can be polyester- or vinyl ester-based as well as epoxy-based.

At present, disused vessels are delivered to landfills as complex waste with high economical and environmental costs. Both incineration and chemical recycling of fiberglass wastes are not advantageous … Find more here from a research by Poli.mi


ecoprimus first recyclable dinghy

ecoracer first recyclable sportboat


We constantly strive to give 100% commitment towards our goals:

01. Lower the impact of sailing yachts.

02. Increase awareness of the impact of fiberglass.

03. Turn waste into new materials and create a circular economy.



World Sailing 11th Hour Racing

Sustainability Award


Design Innovation Award

Genoa Boat Show 2020

honorable mention

A winning story

Our team have a racing story… Northern Light Sailing Team wins

European Championship 2016, Italian Championship 2016 – 2020, Silver Medal at Worlds 2019

Scientific background

Our engineers have a proven experience in sustainable composites, building eco-skiffs for the 1001 Vela Cup